Carolina Haraki

Carolina is a textile designer and visual storyteller with a multidisciplinary background and approach to design. She specializes in site specific artwork and printed textiles.

Proud of her Cypriot heritage, Carolina tries to bring the spirit of her culture into her work through her use of vibrant colours and playful patterns.

Her practice explores themes such as diversity, inclusivity and the conservation of wildlife. She is currently on a quest to bring joy, positivity and a sense of belonging to those who come across her work.

Inspired by the iconic Victoria Street, Carolina wanted her sculpture, Flora, to bring a splash of colour to the traditional sandstone backdrop of Edinburgh. She carefully picked the most striking colours from the buildings to create a palette that would stand out wherever the sculpture sits in the capital.

After a tough time with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Carolina created a design which incorporated intricate flowers to symbolize rebirth, recovery and blossoming new beginnings. The results are beautiful!

In her own words “I hope to bring some colour into the grey streets of Edinburgh with Flora and bring a few smiles to people’s faces!”

Painted in partnership with Giraffe About Town partner Flock, Flora’s bright colours have already been debuted around the city in iconic spots to help launch the trail.

Giraffe About Town