Henry Fothergill

Henry is a comics creator, writer and illustrator. Living in Derbyshire, they create worlds through writing and illustrations that feature real human stories with fantastical elements. There is a sense of wonder to Henry’s work and a unique illustrative style. Their work exists somewhere between the bizarre, the haunting, the relatable and the adorable. They use traditional pen and ink techniques with watercolours and gouache, as well as digital colour, to produce a vivid, unique style. Henry’s recent favourite piece of stationery is a “Caran D’ache non-photo blue” pencil.

Henry’s Puzzle Giraffe is a simple colour shift pattern running over the sculpture. The puzzle pieces were inspired by the patterns found on giraffe skin, with shapes that look so formal and structured at first glance, but vary with each animal uniquely like a fingerprint. Because this trail is working with Edinburgh Zoo, this design aims to capture some of the childlike whimsy with the puzzle piece inspired tiles and bright warm colours. Children engaging with animals at a young age through conservation based projects, such as at the zoo, is so important and instrumental in changing attitudes for the future.

Giraffe About Town