Jim Tripney Deans Adult & Children Art Club

Jim Tripney graduated from Grays School of Art at Robert Gordon University Aberdeen with a BA Hons. in Painting from the class of 2021. He was a mature student and would encourage anybody who is thinking of going to art college to realise that age is no barrier.

Since leaving art college Jim runs a children’s art club on a Wednesday night and an adult art club on a Tuesday night where he encourages his students to enjoy art as a pastime and recreational pursuit through teaching drawing and painting.

Jim is currently involved in crafts in various community groups in his local area in Deans, Livingston. Jim also has his own studio practice where he draws, works in oil paints and also is learning to work with fabrics.

Just like the pattern created by a kaleidoscope, Jim’s giraffe is a gloriously colourful reflection of the groups who helped inspire it and the team who worked collaboratively to create it. Standing tall, bright, bold and full of colour, it proudly reflects the lovely community spirit it represents. The pattern on Kaleidoscope Giraffe is made up of 10 colours, one for each of the groups that helped inspire it. Thank you to all at Deans adult art club, St. Andrews children art club, St Andrews youth club, St Andrews mothers and toddlers, Girl Brigade, Girl Guides, Deans Primary, Deans community High School, Meldrum Primary and Livingston village primary Thank you to Dulux Decorator centre for the generous donation of paint and to Jim Tripney for generously donating his time and artistic skill.

Jim Tripney
Giraffe About Town