Pamela McMahon

Pamela McMahon is an Edinburgh based artist who specialises in semi abstract flowers and collage landscapes. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Gustav Klimt and her love of flower gardens and countryside, Pamela creates complex and exuberant works by using vibrant colours and golden accents. Her works are full of movement and her use of pattern and collage invite close inspection to fully appreciate the detail and textures involved. Pamela exhibits her work on a regular basis and has work in private collections across the United Kingdom as well as in Brussels, Los Angeles and New Zealand.

Every city needs a superhero, and Edinburgh has Super Giraffe by Pamela McMahon! Handsome, fearless and incredibly strong, Super Giraffe has supersonic hearing and telescopic vision and he can fly at the speed of light. But that’s not all, Super Giraffe also has a special power that comes in handy from time to time – he can shoot laser beams from his ossicones. Resplendent in his golden cape, belt and boots, Super Giraffe is always ready to help keep the people of Edinburgh safe. Super Giraffe was designed and executed by Edinburgh based artist Pamela McMahon using acrylic paints in a selection of her favourite vibrant colours. The artist hopes Super Giraffe will bring a smile to children and adults alike.

Pamela McMahon painting Super Giraffe sculpture
Giraffe About Town