Rachelle Wong

Rachelle is an illustrator based in Edinburgh and spends a majority of her time obsessing over food, which is clearly evident in her designs. With a focus on local produce and cultural cuisines that would make anyone hungry at a glance, her designs are available in a range of home ware, paper goods and gifts. She also works on a range of commissions throughout the year for individuals, businesses and charities. Her creative process starts with her spontaneous and playful approach in mark making to create tactile papers that form the base of her designs. Each individual element is hand crafted and later brought together to create the finished illustration.

Rachelle’s Grown Locally is a celebration of the vast and varied local produce Scotland has to offer. With the main focus on fruits and vegetables, we often overlook their bold colours, odd forms and intriguing texture, and these illustrations observe just that. What better way to showcase our rich agriculture than on an animal that’s known to love their leafy greens!

Giraffe About Town