Vivien Carolyn Reinert

Vivien Carolyn Reinert is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with a strong visual aesthetic who moved to the United Kingdom from Germany to follow her dream to fill this world with colourful and bold art. She specialises in printed textile and surface pattern design with a distinctive focus on bold colours and shapes, and the process of layering and combining a breadth of different mediums and techniques on top of one another, as well as imitating textures and surfaces.

Vivien’s biggest source of inspiration is her environment; exploring the world through walking. Her practice is about immersing herself into the environment, to experience and interact with the space. Highly influenced by architecture and city landscapes, she is interested in creating her own structures and grids, or ‘order’, in her work whilst also capturing the disorganised and imperfect realities of people in their environments. The materials, the sounds, the colours, the people – all unpredictable and disruptive in their own ways. Being an illustrator and a painter at heart, Vivien contributes her appreciation for painting, drawing and illustrating with an overall hands on approach in each of her projects.

Vivien’s design is inspired by the exquisite architectural landscape of Edinburgh, a city so rich in history and culture, art and design. This design is a celebration of all that. The alert eye will find some of the city’s most famous and admired streets, buildings and monuments, from the Georgian to the Modernist buildings, from the various shades of browns in streets such as Melville Street and Circus Lane to the bold colours of Victoria Street. This design is also an attempt to make people aware of the beauty of their environment. To encourage them to look up, observe and explore the streets and buildings, and the colours and textures surrounding them. There is so much stimulation, brilliance and artistry encapsulated in Edinburgh’s city landscape and we can all find inspiration and motivation in it if we allow ourselves to take it in. Incorporated in this design are other things such as the Nelson Monument, the Scottish National Gallery, The Scott Monument, The Balmoral Hotel, Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile, the Hub, the Edinburgh Festival Wheel, the Edinburgh Castle and St. Giles’ Cathedral. The colour palette was inspired by Victoria Street, the most vibrant, vivid and colourful street of Edinburgh.

Vivien Reinert painting The Streets of Edinburgh sculpture
Giraffe About Town