Will Beeslaar, Staunch Industries

STAUNCH INDUSTRIES is a boutique, creative consultancy working out of their design studio in Leith. As a multidisciplinary studio, specialising in design that crosses many platforms, they have a unique and playful style that has seen their work across many public projects in recent years, from the livery design of the very first Borders Railway train, to designing the new giraffe compound and house at Edinburgh Zoo. Staunch Industries’ unique style makes them a truly original, creative consultancy.

Creative Director Will Beeslaar is a successful, award-winning, multi-disciplinary, graphic illustrator and artist, who originates from South Africa. With over 20 years’ experience, he has worked with some of Britain’s most prestigious agencies, representing some of the world’s best-known brands and receiving numerous awards for his work. This has provided him with exceptional knowledge and insight. Will’s work embodies the technical accuracy and attention to detail that makes successful design work. Will is the driving creative force and vision behind the company. It is Will’s interest and passion for the natural world and how he applies these designs in the right environment, that brings his designs to life.

Will’s sculpture GIGA RAFFE is telling the story, with the help of CityFibre, of how we are all intrinsically linked through our interwoven digital connections, interactions, engagement, involvement and influence. Establishing and building solid networks, be it in our local neighbourhoods, towns, cities, country or our wider global communities.

Giraffe About Town