Bamboozled giraffe sculpture

The Details

Name: Bamboozled

Location: Edinburgh Zoo

Created By: Jina Gelder

Sponsor: Edinburgh Zoo

Design Inspiration

Through watching nature documentaries and visiting them at Edinburgh Zoo, Jina has always been fascinated by the way giant pandas move and how playful they can be. She wanted to capture a sense of fun in this design in an attempt to show that pandas, like all animals, have their own character and emotions. Sometimes people see animals as more of a passive part of our world. Through depicting a cluster of bamboo which is full of pandas with different expressions, Jina aims to remind people that we share this world with amazing species such as these and we should be mindful of that.

Can you imagine how amazing this giraffe would look in your house, garden or even donated to a local school or community group? For just £5, you can enter an incredible prize draw to win this magnificent sculpture AND meet giraffes and giant pandas at Edinburgh Zoo! Every entry helps save threatened animals large and small. Good luck!


Bamboozled giraffe sculptureBamboozled giraffe sculpture

Jina Gelder

Jina Gelder is a wildlife artist from Northumberland, and she specialises in painting lively British wildlife using ink and watercolours. Jina likes to make people smile with her work and imbues her subjects with character and personality. Occasionally she likes to have fun coming up with funny titles for her work and believes that art should be enjoyed by everyone. Away from her studio, Jina has a love of puns, climbing and exploring the countryside with her son and whippet.

Giraffe About Town