Daz the Dazzling Giraffe

Daz the dazzling giraffe sculpture

The Details

Name: Daz the Dazzling Giraffe

Location: Newhaven

Created By: Bigg Design

Sponsor: McIntosh of Strathmore

Design Inspiration

This dazzlingly delightful creature plays with a giraffe’s familiar camouflage pattern, metamorphosing into a striking design that takes inspiration from diverse sources including World War I dazzle ships, butterfly wings and 20th century avant-garde art. Daz stands out from the herd and loves to strut his stuff!

Daz the dazzling giraffe sculptureDaz the dazzling giraffe sculpture


Bigg Design

Bigg Design is passionate about improving our experience of the public realm by bringing a sense of joy, sustainability and beauty to it. Projects embrace murals, sculpture, lighting, urban landscape and product design, often collaborating with multi-disciplined teams and community groups to create truly engaging interventions. Founded in 2008 by award-winning creative Hamish Bigg, Bigg Design has gone from strength to strength working with local authorities, schools, charities, private companies and fellow design firms alike, successfully delivering a growing number of unique feature installations across the UK.

Giraffe About Town