Double Deco

Double Deco

The Details

Name: Double Deco

Location: Ocean Terminal

Created By: Mik Richardson

Sponsor: Fujitsu

Design Inspiration

One of Mik’s favourite styles of art is from the Art Deco period. Worcester famously sports the beautiful Northwick Building currently owned by Grays. This amazing cultural and historic building (once a cinema as well as many other things) is unique and boasts many art deco features from the architecture to the fabulous décor and furnishings within. The design of Double Deco incorporates many of the features that can still be seen today and from the past, as well as some of the other famous classic art deco designs from the 20th century. The sculpture name also speaks for itself as it is so tall!

Double Deco

Mik Richardson

Mik Richardson is a Norfolk based artist who has run his own art business since leaving the RAF in 2006. As well as producing over 400 murals, privately, in the community and in schools, he has also been involved in many of the public art trails across the country. He has, to date, painted 91 Wild in Art sculptures (and an additional 39 for other trails) which have raised over £340,000 for the charities involved. He also works with communities and has helped them produce over 100 smaller sculptures for the trails as well as various other projects. He recently illustrated his first children’s story book based around one of the Wild in Art sculptures he designed and painted. Specialising with the airbrush, he also runs Graffiti, spray art t-shirt parties and workshops.

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