Fleur giraffe sculpture

The Details

Name: Fleur

Location: Princes Street (West)

Created By: Hilary Sanderson

Sponsor: Walter Scott & Partners Limited

Design Inspiration

Lots of people doodle, and Hilary has designed Fleur to showcase some of the beautiful bright colours of nature with an overlay of doodled flower shapes. She has used a combination of acrylic spray paint, metallic acrylic paint and acrylic markers to bring her design to life! Hilary has previously created Wild in Art pieces that feature her floral doodles, but this is the first time she has used a rich palette of background colours to draw out the design.

Fleur giraffe sculptureFleur giraffe sculpture

Hilary Sanderson

Hilary is an experienced artist who has contributed work to a large number of Wild in Art trails across the UK. Her designs have included homages to popular superheroes (Spidey Dragon, Wonder Dragon and a pair of Batman and Robin Hares), hand drawn doodle figures (Doodle Otter), animal inspired designs (Tigelephant) and recreating popular film characters (Spocky Dog and Hulkasaurus). Aside from Wild in Art projects, she creates paper and wire mini-sculptures, hand crafted Christmas decorations and plant pots inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo.

Giraffe About Town