Gerry MacTartan

Gerry MacTartan giraffe sculpture

The Details

Name: Gerry MacTartan

Location: Pilrig Street

Created By: Sandra Russell

Sponsor: Uber Eats

Design Inspiration

Gerry MacTartan is THE ultimate Giraffe about town! Elegant, colourful and with a unique sense of style, this cool giraffe likes to show off its fashion taste. Even though it might be summertime in Edinburgh, when Gerry can’t decide which scarf to wear to keep its long neck warm, Gerry likes to wear them all!

Gerry MacTartan giraffe sculpture Gerry MacTartan giraffe sculpture

Sandra Russell

Sandra Russell is a painter, illustrator and storyboard artist. She mainly works for advertising agencies drawing digitally how an advert will look like before it goes into production, creating storyboards and animatics. Oil painting portraiture and landscape painting are other sides of her work she is passionate about as it gives her more freedom to create. She painted a portrait of an NHS nurse that was included in Tom Croft’s book called Portraits for NHS Heroes, that honoured the NHS workers who carried on working during the first lockdown of the pandemic. Sandra has illustrated for other books and magazines, from DC Thomson’s to Golf World amongst others. She has painted several Wild in Art sculptures and loves seeing how much people enjoy engaging with them, especially how much fun children have following the sculpture trails.

Giraffe About Town