Mapping the City

The Details

Name: Mapping the City

Location: City Chambers

Created By: Victoria Rose Ball

Sponsor: The City of Edinburgh Council

Design Inspiration

Inspired by the twists and turns of the streets of Edinburgh and her love for creating things outwith the ordinary perspectives in the form of illustration, Victoria chose to focus on creating a map of the city on her giraffe. As Edinburgh is the perfect location for admiring beautiful architecture, it seemed a no-brainer to focus on that for Giraffe About Town! The design was shaped through research into people’s favourite locations within the city – tourist hotspots, and beautiful landmarks, including those which hold special significance to Victoria. Through years of illustrating digitally, Victoria has honed in on her favourite colour palettes to work with – picking out colours which highlight the fun and playfulness of a design, while remaining somewhat true to life.

Mapping the CityMapping the City



Victoria Rose Ball

Victoria is an illustrator, designer and typographer based in Edinburgh, and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016. She has always been fascinated by all things building and architecture related – where better to develop that fascination through art than the beautiful city of Edinburgh?! Victoria creates fun and colourful illustrations, often mixing up perspectives and colour schemes to give a quirky twist on the classic landmarks of a city.

Giraffe About Town