The Details

Name: Nessy

Location: The Shore

Created By: Megan Heather Smith-Evans

Sponsor: Ocean Terminal

Design Inspiration

Inspired by the infamous legend that is the Loch Ness Monster, or as we locals like to call her, Nessy. Nessy has left the Scottish Highlands to grace the streets of Edinburgh, swimming around to join the other giraffes this year and spend time with the public! There’s no need to travel all the way to the Scottish Highland lochs this summer to search for the majestic creature, as now you can see Nessy right here!

When Megan heard of Giraffe About Town, there was one thing that sprung straight to her mind. With the same long neck of the Loch Ness Monster, she absolutely had to do a Nessy design!

Nessy giraffe sculptureNessy giraffe sculpture



Megan Heather Smith-Evans

Megan is a Birmingham based tattoo artist and artist who has painted over 30 sculptures for various trails across the UK, raising over £100k for charity.

Giraffe About Town