The Details

Name: Poppy

Location: OMNi

Created By: Anne-Marie Byrne

Sponsor: OMNi

Design Inspiration

Poppy is covered with fragments of bright and eye-catching pop art, forming a patchwork of shapes in the pattern of a giraffe’s natural markings. The design is a tribute to the pioneering works of Edinburgh artist, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, sometimes known as the Father of Pop Art by sampling and re-interpreting elements of his and other works.

Poppy giraffe sculpturePoppy giraffe sculpture

Anne-Marie Byrne

After many years in non-creative work, Anne-Marie rediscovered her love of painting when the Wild in Art pigs came to Ipswich. Since then, Anne-Marie has painted for many charity trails across the UK. Her designs include a lion disguised as a tiger, sun bears, flying hares, a prehistoric giraffe, a biker bee, an underwater gorilla, a superhero wallaby, a Monty Python cow and a herd of sporting, magical, nautical and holiday-themed elephants! Other charity art projects include painting a pair of otters for Dartmoor National Park, an octopus, a carousel horse and a Jaguar car which drove to Monte Carlo and back.

Giraffe About Town