The Details

Name: Stravaig

Location: Scottish National Gallery

Created By: David Fleck

Sponsor: The Scotsman | Edinburgh Evening News

Design Inspiration

Covered from head to toe with illustrations representing different scenes around Scotland, Stravaig is packed with iconic landmarks and locations for people to find as they look closer. Stravaig is a Scots word for wander, roam, or ramble – and this giraffe is tattooed with the memories of that wandering all around Scotland. David Fleck is a local Scottish illustrator who has explored a lot of Scotland, but is still discovering more and more. In his artwork he likes to represent a bit of the beauty, vibrancy and diversity of the country – from wild Highlands to multicultural cities and lots in-between. For him, every illustration is a playground of discovery, a world of stories waiting to be uncovered and shared.

Stravaig giraffe sculptureStravaig giraffe sculpture

David Fleck

David Fleck is an artist with an architectural background, telling playful and imaginative stories through intricate illustrations. His art practice centres around Scottish landscapes and cities, as well as more fantastic and imaginary places. For him, every illustration is a playground of discovery, a world of stories waiting to be uncovered and shared.  Having grown up in the heart of Edinburgh, Fleck studied Architecture at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and laterally at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow. Alongside his studies he initially developed his interest in Illustration through designing t-shirts for Chicago based company Threadless, and went on to work with clients including Gap, Tiffany & Co, HarperCollins, and Penguin Random House.  Fleck now has a varied art practice including everything from children’s books to gin bottles. While continuing to work with clients and architects, he also produces his own fine art prints from his home studio Glasgow, and he continues to debut most of his work in the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket.  While not drawing or painting, you might find him out in his campervan around Scotland with his family and dog, paddle boarding on a remote loch, or sampling some local beverages.

Giraffe About Town