The Details

Name: WildGenes

Location: St Andrews Square

Created By: tablet+HAAR Katie Ebben Smith

Sponsor: The Glenmorangie Company

Design Inspiration

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) WildGenes laboratory at Edinburgh Zoo is the only zoo-based conservation genetics laboratory in the UK. Since opening in 2010, it has made genetic research more accessible to wildlife conservationists – enabling practical conservation action. For example, the experts have used DNA to find relationships between individuals, families and populations of many endangered species. RZSS assist with the genetic assessment of individual giraffes, aiding Ugandan translocation efforts of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

This design shows a trail of giraffe footprints, consisting of two halves, each half coloured to represent the base pairing of DNA. These are interspersed with acacia leaves and flowers – the giraffe’s favourite food. The Oxpecker bird on the design eats ticks and flies that live on giraffes, serving as a reminder of the interconnectivity between all living species.

This project and sculpture are proudly sponsored by The Glenmorangie Company.

WildGenes giraffe sculptureWildGenes giraffe sculpture

tablet+HAAR Katie Ebben Smith

tablet+HAAR is the design studio run by founder Katie Ebben Smith from the seaside village of Crail, Scotland. tablet+HAAR’s graphical style is driven by a passion for print, colour and pattern. Her portfolio spans a wide range of applications from art and illustration through to pattern, product and graphic design for clients. tablet+HAAR’s own product range includes private commissions for large-scale printed wall hangings, along with fine art prints and textile accessories for the home, and is created using both hand screen printing and digital print. Katie named her studio after two of her great loves: the haar – which rolls in land creating a mysterious atmosphere that she finds inspiring and Scottish tablet, a crumbly kind of fudge, which makes her teeth ache but just one square inch keeps her pulling screens for hours.

Giraffe About Town