Wildlife Warrior

The Details

Name: Wildlife Warrior

Location: Waverley Station

Created By: Rio Moore (Kitchimama)

Sponsor: Highland Wildlife Park

Design Inspiration

Wildlife Warrior is gentle, strong and a dedicated protector, much like the amazing staff at Highland Wildlife Park.

This design is inspired by conservation and the importance of saving and preserving our wildlife.

The elements included in the design have been created in collaboration with the staff at Highland Wildlife Park to emphasise and celebrate the interconnectedness of life and raise awareness of these important issues. From the tiny, but intrinsic pine hoverfly, to the elusive Scottish wildcat and bold proud stag, every small and large part plays a vital role in our delicately balanced ecosystems.

Wildlife Warrior and the amazing team at Highland Wildlife Park hopes to inspire us all to remember the past, respect the present and protect the future.

We can all be wildlife warriors by playing our part and helping contribute towards protecting our future!

Wildlife Warrior giraffe sculptureWildlife Warrior giraffe sculpture

Rio Moore (Kitchimama)

Rio is an illustrator, sculptor, and painter. Her most recent commission was to create a 10ft whale out of recycled material for COP26. Her practice is varied but she specialises in revitalising traditional techniques, such as egg tempera. She has created sculptures for previous art trails including Oor Bowie 2016, Peacock Penguin 2018, Oor Freddie 2019, Woodland Spirit 2019 and Brave Wee Boy 2019. Her business name is Kitchimama.

Giraffe About Town