Cairngorm Capital Foundation take on the big city

Cairngorm Capital Foundation with giraffe sculpture

Cairngorm Capital Foundation are thrilled to join the herd with their giraffe sculpture which will take to the streets of Edinburgh this summer! 

They seek to protect and enhance landscapes by supporting conservation initiatives along with various heritage preservation projects throughout Scotland. Andrew Steel, managing partner at Cairngorm Capital Foundation said, “We are delighted to partner with the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland on this fun and important initiative to make our own mark on Edinburgh, whilst supporting their vital conservation work.”   

“We believe these types of activities help highlight pressing environmental issues in a way that is engaging and educational for residents and visitors alike. This colourful event is destined to play a role this summer in reviving Edinburgh’s unique spirit after two challenging years!”   

Find out more about the vital work that Cairngorm Capital Foundation do.

Giraffe About Town