Edinburgh at Night: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: Edinburgh at Night 

Artist Name: Megan Hicklin 

Location: George Street (ESPC corner) 

Sponsor Name: ESPC 

Designed by Megan Hicklin, Edinburgh at Night features a golden Edinburgh skyline that includes iconic landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle, Scott Monument, the Forth Rail Bridge and St Giles Cathedral.  

Megan has been working as an illustrator at her Edinburgh-based company Neon Magpie for seven years. She is passionate about drawing iconic parts of Edinburgh and loves making illustrations for children, using a mix of mediums including creating her illustrations digitally. Megan’s work uses strong lines, gold accents and bold colours, all of which are reflected in this giraffe’s design. 

Sponsored by ESPC, above Edinburgh at Night’s gilded city skyline is a dark blue night sky, full of fireworks, twinkling stars and a bright moon. The bold, complementing colours ensure this giraffe will stand out, even at night.  

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Giraffe About Town