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Giraffe Hoop

Get involved with Giraffe About Town


Businesses, community groups and education organisations can sponsor a giraffe sculpture and automatically become a corporate partner of RZSS! We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available including our tall, taller and tallest packages.



Calling All Artists

Artists will be invited to submit their unique designs for the giraffes from August 2021. We will then whittle it down to the designs which stand head and shoulders above the rest! As a sponsor, you will get to choose which design you would like for your individual sculpture from our shortlist.



Education Programme

Schools can get involved with our little giraffe calves from August 2021. Standing at just four feet tall, the smaller sculptures will be part of a once-in-a-lifetime discovery and learning programme.




After two months in the limelight, the sculptures will raise vital funds for RZSS and endangered species around the world at an auction to find their forever homes.


Edinburgh Giraffes