Giraffa Botanica: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: Giraffa Botanica

Artist Name: Samantha Dolan

Location: Bruntsfield Links

Sponsor Name: S. Luca Dairy Ice Cream

This design is a botanical filled pattern that interconnects and grows around the giraffe like vines up a tree. Created by Samantha Dolan, Giraffa Botanica is covered in folk art inspired flowers that bloom from the shoots of these vines.

Samantha is a Scottish artist and freelance illustrator who creates bright botanical filled patterns, children’s books, prints and paintings. She is inspired by the vibrant natural world and likes nothing better than getting lost in the woods with a sketchbook and set of watercolour paints.

Sponsored by S. Luca’s Dairy Ice-Cream, Giraffa Botanica includes stylistic depictions of thistles, primroses and other wild flowers as a nod towards great amount of plant life found in Scotland. The bright and vibrant pattern stands out against the dark background, with each flower intricately pattered with folk art inspired detail and every gap filled with smaller vines and flowers.

S. Luca’s Dairy Ice-Cream combines the best of Scotland with the best of Italy. In the 1890s, Luca Scappaticcio set out from his home in Cassino, Italy, destined for a life in Scotland. He had a passion for cooking which secured him a position in a prominent hotel’s kitchen in Scotland. It was here that he learned the art of creating luxury ice cream. By combining this with the knowledge of flavour and texture that he brought from Italy, he created a truly unique ice cream.


Giraffe About Town