Endangered Scotland: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: Endangered Scotland 

Artist Name: Adriana de Matos 

Location: St Andrews Square 

Sponsor Name: Cairngorm Capital Foundation 

Endangered Scotland depicts a large number of our beloved and most recognisable Scottish species – so many of which we might not realise are at risk or even at the brink of extinction. Designed by Adriana de Matos, she brings together the playful otter, sweet red squirrels, the elusive capercaillie, the famously endangered Scottish wildcat, our gardener’s friend the hedgehog, amongst so many others, into a whimsical forest scene, where these animals peacefully coexist under the moonlight.  

Adriana is a professional artist who was born in Portugal and currently lives in Edinburgh. Inspired by the beauty of Scotland’s fauna and flora, she portrays forest creatures, birds and, occasionally, more exotic species too. Her motto is to bring the woodlands into people’s homes, and to connect them with nature’s most singular creatures.  

Sponsored by the Cairngorm Capital Foundation, by bringing this sculpture into the busy space of the city, Adriana hopes that the public can have fun finding and identifying all the painted animals they can spot, while reflecting on how beautiful, fragile and precious they are, conveying a message of conservation. 

The Cairngorm Capital Foundation was established by the partners at Cairngorm Capital to support and contribute to the communities in which they operate. Their company’s motifs are inspired by the mountain range in the east coast Highlands of Scotland and by the colours of this rugged, wild landscape. They seek to protect and enhance this landscape by supporting nature and rewilding initiatives. 

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Giraffe About Town