Grown Locally: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: Grown Locally

Artist Name: Rachelle Wong

Location: St Andrews and St George’s Church

Sponsor Name: Stack & Still

Designed by Rachelle Wong, Grown Locally is a celebration of the amazing and varied local produce that Scotland has to offer.  

Rachelle is an illustrator based in Edinburgh and spends the majority of her time obsessing over food, which is clearly evident in her designs. With a focus on local produce and cultural cuisines that would make anyone hungry at a glance, her designs are available in a range of homeware, paper goods and gifts. 

Sponsored by Stack & Still, the sculpture’s main focus is on fruits and vegetables, with the hope of  these illustrations encouraging everyone to value healthy eating and healthy choices by making it an enticing activity through a range of colours, shapes and textures. 

Stack & Still are the UK’s largest urban pancake houses, and they want to ensure that there’s space for everyone! Whether it’s a big family get together, day out with the kids, or an evening of great food and delicious drinks with good friends, there’s plenty of room for the whole gang. 

Giraffe About Town