Head in the Clouds: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: Head in the Clouds 

Artist Name: Lizzie Seymour 

Location: Fountain Park 

Sponsor Name: Fountain Park 

Head in the Clouds is a fantasy world of cosy treehouses, sky-ship adventures and space exploration, inhabited by a magical array of animal-folk inspired by family and friends of the artist, Lizzie Seymour.

Lizzie’s biggest influences are her love of colour and a great fascination for nature. Lizzie works at Edinburgh Zoo, which is a continuous source of delight and inspiration, and she never tires of the view of the penguins from her office window!  With a background in design and media, she has more than 10 years’ experience working in creative technologies across various industries, from web development, graphic design and marketing to education.  Lizzie moved to Edinburgh in 2017 to join the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) as the first learning technologist in a zoo in the UK, and enjoys using her unique combination of design, technology and education skills to help people connect with nature.  

Sponsored by Fountain Park, Head in the Clouds shows each adorable critter going about their day in this wonderful bright world – how many different creatures can you spot in the clouds? 

Fountain Park is just west of Edinburgh city centre, and features a cinema, fabulous Nuffield Health gym, casino, bowling alley, trampoline park and an excellent range of restaurants, bars and pubs. 

Giraffe About Town