Kaleidoscope Giraffe: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: Kaleidoscope Giraffe

Artist Name: Jim Tripney with Deans Adult & Children Art Club

Location: Charlotte Square

Sponsor Name: Ashwood Scotland Ltd

Just like the patterns created by a kaleidoscope, this giraffe is a gloriously colourful reflection of the groups who helped inspire it and the team who worked collaboratively to create it.

Standing tall, bright, bold and full of colour, Kaleidoscope Giraffe proudly reflects the lovely community spirit it represents. The pattern is made up of 10 colours, one for each of the groups that helped inspire it – Deans Adult Art Club, Deans Children Art Club, Girl Brigade, Girl Guides, Deans Primary, Deans Community High School, Meldrum Primary and Livingston Village Primary, with a big thank you to Jim Tripney for generously donating his time and artistic skill.

Since leaving art college Jim runs a children’s art club on a Wednesday night and an adult art club on a Tuesday night where he encourages his students to enjoy art as a pastime and recreational pursuit through teaching drawing and painting.

Sponsored by Ashwood Scotland Ltd, Kaleidoscope Giraffe features bright, contrasting colours which are sure to stand out in its location at Charlotte Square.

Ashwood Scotland Ltd is a construction company founded in 1999 which works across central Scotland helping their public, private and third sector customers deliver successful wide-ranging new build, refurbishment and conservation projects. They relish a challenge and have the skill, experience and proactive problem-solving expertise to manage the tallest and toughest of bespoke assignments in the most demanding of environments with a light touch and absence of fuss.


Giraffe About Town