Leave Only Footprints: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: Leave Only Footprints 

Artist Name: Tabita W Harvey 

Location: Lauriston 

Sponsor Name: Ray Hole Architects 

At first glance, or when viewed from a distance, this sculpture may look like a regular giraffe. But when you look more closely, it is clear that Leave Only Footprints’ patches are in fact foot and paw prints. Designed by Tabita W Harvey, the markings are representations of the foot and paw prints from a selection of species that live at Edinburgh Zoo. From poison dart frogs to giant pandas, she chose them to represent the diversity of the animal kingdom.  

Tabita is an artist and paper-crafter who has been living and working in Scotland for over a decade, first in Ayrshire where she studied Digital Art and now in Edinburgh. She likes to do a variety of things from photography and painting to pen doodles and paper art. Giraffes have been her favourite animal ever since she was licked in the face by one on a trip to the zoo at just two-years-old, so she is delighted to be part of Giraffe About Town, her first art trail. 

The prints on a giraffe are as unique as our fingerprints, and in looking at this sculpture, sponsored by Ray Hole Architects, we can see the variety and complexity of nature in our world. Tabita hopes this giraffe will help people to think of the role each of us can play to conserve our planet, and to think of the footprints that we will leave on the future. 

Ray Hole is an international, award-winning architect with over 35 years’ experience gained in highly creative, multi-disciplinary design environments, including strategist, master planner, architect and designer. His own design and consultancy practice explored alternative built environments, landscapes and infrastructure in the visitor attraction sector and he is a specialist in zoo master planning and design. 

On Tuesday 4 October 2022 we are auctioning off our giraffe sculptures to raise money for our vital wildlife conservation work. If you would like to register your interest in attending the auction, please contact us at supportus@rzss.org.uk, and find out more at giraffeabouttown.org.uk/event/auction/

If you can’t make the auction you still have a chance to win your own giraffe! One lucky donor could win the BAMBOOzled sculpture, as well as the opportunity to feed our giant pandas and giraffes. For just £5, enter now for the chance to win this amazing prize at crowdfunder.co.uk/p/win-your-own-giraffe 

Giraffe About Town