Blue Skies…

The Details

Name: Blue Skies…

Location: Warhammer, Castle Street

Created By: Colinton Primary School

Sponsor: Essential Edinburgh

Design Inspiration

Blue Skies… was created by Colinton Primary School.

Colinton Primary School closed from March 2020, then they were working from home. This is the first year they have not had to have a ‘working from home term’ so Primary 3, who designed the giraffe, thought that it was important that everyone knows ‘blue skies are coming’ and everything will get better. They want to give people hope. The school badge features in their design as it has been recently redesigned in April 2020, and represents their school community. They’re very proud of it as it represents their presence as a school in Edinburgh and as global citizens. Their ‘wee herd’ giraffe is also wearing army combat design trousers to represent their close links with the MOD and to represent our families who serve. Overall, they wanted to show how welcome they feel and share their creativity, care and compassion with you all!

Giraffe About Town