Edi B

The Details

Name: Edi B

Location: Balgreen Library

Sponsor: CityFibre

Artist: Broomhouse Hub – SpaceScot

Design Inspiration

Edi B was created by Broomhouse Hub – SpaceScot.

The ‘Broomhouse Friday Club’, consisting of local youth ranging from primary 4-7 and S1-4, designed Edi B around the idea that everyone adding their own mark allowed them to have a sense of pride about their art work, as well as being something they can show to friends, family or even teachers. The giraffe was sectioned into patches where one person had full control over the design. Everyone chose contrasting designs which show off the creativity our young people have and that we hope to nurture with further community art projects.

Edi B is on display inside the library so please check the library opening times before you plan your visit!

Giraffe About Town