Follow the Herd to Craigmount!

The Details

Name: Follow the Herd to Craigmount!

Location: Thai Express, St James Quarter

Created By: Craigmount High School

Sponsor: Essential Edinburgh

Design Inspiration

Follow the Herd to Craigmount was created by Craigmount High School.

S1 designed their giraffe, which features pieces of science apparatus that they have used in experiments this year, as well as other drawings to symbolise the other subjects represented in their high school. The school turned 50 in 2020 and we have included all the school badges from this timeline. They’ve included their past and present houses, school colours and logo colours. The background colour is to match that of the Nubian giraffe with leaf ears as a nod to their food source. Their giraffe is also wearing the school tie! The word ADAPT is written on the side which is an anagram of their school values. Aspects of all the students’ drawings contributed to the final giraffe and they are pleased to introduce you to follow the herd to Craigmount!

Giraffe About Town