Galaxy – Dotty Designs!

The Details

Name: Galaxy – Dotty Designs!

Location: Bibi's Bakery, Hanover Street

Created By: Carrick Knowe Primary School

Sponsor: Essential Edinburgh

Design Inspiration

Galaxy – Dotty Designs! was created by Carrick Knowe Primary School.

At Carrick Knowe Primary School, they work hard to develop resilience and a positive attitude towards learning and life. One of the things they focus on is perseverance and not giving up if something is hard or challenging. With that in mind, they watched the story of ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds and discussed this idea. The pupils in P5, P5/6, 6A and 7A used dots and spots as the focus for their art designs (as used in the story). They also spoke about circles and how they are symbolic of being part of a circle of friends, which they are very good at in their school. The circles and dots also represent how the school are a team, working together to achieve success.

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