Leithy Long Neck

The Details

Name: Leithy Long Neck

Location: Bonkers, Hanover Street

Created By: Leith Walk Primary School

Sponsor: Essential Edinburgh

Design Inspiration

Leithy Long Neck was created by Leith Walk Primary School.

They are a multicultural, suburban school in Leith and their design, which was created by their P6 class, represents their unique selves and our community. You’ll spot the tram works, their shoreline sea life mural, urban features intersecting with nature, the importance of play and art to them and their multicoloured hand to represent the uniqueness of each pupil in the school and local community. They chose a colour palette of black, blue, green, purple and orange to give their design a cohesive look. These colours are their school colours plus shades and tones identified in the playground and local neighbourhood.

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