Marvellous Morningside!

The Details

Name: Marvellous Morningside!

Location: Bonnie & Wild, St James Quarter

Created By: South Morningside Primary School

Sponsor: Essential Edinburgh

Design Inspiration

Marvellous Morningside! was created by South Morningside Primary School.

After walking through different areas of their community, South Morningside Primary School felt it would be good to show some of the wonderful areas they have on their doorstep. They have Morningside Road which has lots of local shops, Morningside Park where many families of all ages enjoy, Braidburn Valley which is used by many to dog walk, cycle, scooter, jog, play and relax and, finally, their wonderful school where they learn lots of amazing things and are part of a great community! Meet ‘Marvellous Morningside’, a giraffe to represent the community on their doorstep!


Giraffe About Town