Our Home, Our Future

The Details

Name: Our Home, Our Future

Location: The Scottish Design Exchange, George Street

Created By: James Gillespie's Primary School

Sponsor: Essential Edinburgh

Design Inspiration

Our Home, Our Future was created by James Gillespie’s Primary School.

This design is a result of a collaborative effort across the whole school. When the project was unveiled, the school decided that it seemed only right to use this as an opportunity for all their learners to not only showcase their creative talents, but also for them to explore collaborative learning, conservation and community connection. Each class discussed the idea behind community and inclusion and designed their own giraffe. It generated excitement and enthusiasm in every class and they decided they wanted every year group to join, so each patch on their giraffe has a segment taken from the artwork submitted from children across the whole school. Their main themes are home, Edinburgh, their school values, green spaces and protecting the planet for the future, so they picked out little elements from each piece of artwork which encapsulated these ideas. This design is the Gillespie Giraffe. The pupils’ creative voices. Their hopes and dreams for our future.

Giraffe About Town