Walter the Woodlands Wanderer

The Details

Name: Walter the Woodlands Wanderer

Location: Warhammer, Castle Street

Created By: Woodlands School (ASN)

Sponsor: Essential Edinburgh

Design Inspiration

Walter the Woodlands Wanderer was created by Woodlands School (ASN).

Wandering Walter is a unique giraffe. His name and design were the result of a schoolwide art competition. His name, Walter, was specifically selected by a pupil who wanted to name their Woodlands giraffe after his uncle (who recently passed away and was someone very special that he wanted to remember). S1-3 pupils have explored both their own individual identity and that of Woodlands School. Their leaves represent both the woodlands that the school is named after, and also symbolise growth and nature. They have been painted to create giraffe patterns and reference the seasons. You can also spot their school logo, the acorn. All pupils have been involved in designing and painting Walter. You can see many pupil handprints, individual pictures and words that represent their identity, aims and values of Woodlands School.

Giraffe About Town