E.ON is leading the energy transition, providing smart, sustainable and personalised solutions for customers at home, in business and across entire towns and cities.

Eon seniopr staff with penguins at Edinburgh Zoo

It’s been a driving force behind the UK’s renewable revolution for more than 25 years and as the UK’s largest electricity supplier, it provides all customers’ homes and eligible small business customers with electricity backed by 100% renewable sources at no extra cost.

E.ON believes the next opportunity for its customers, the UK and the planet is sustainable energy supplies.

It offers a wide range of efficient and smart technologies including solar panels and batteries, electric vehicle charging and heat pumps – helping customers take action for the climate by using less energy and even generating and storing it themselves.

“At E.ON, sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds, and we’re committed to taking action for the climate, helping our customers in their homes and businesses become more sustainable and take steps to tackle the climate crisis. We’re proud to be a part of this project that will help to support Edinburgh Zoo’s wildlife conservation work as part of our commitment to helping the nation meet our net zero target, while helping to educate and enthuse people about this ambition.”

Simon Duncan, Director of B2B Solutions, E.ON UK

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