Super Giraffe: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: Super Giraffe

Artist Name: Pamela McMahon

Location: Dynamic Earth

Sponsor Name: Merchiston Castle School

Pamela McMahon’s design presents a superhero for Edinburgh who happens to be a giraffe… Amusing and eye-catching, Super Giraffe is proud to live in Edinburgh and is always ready to help in a crisis.  

Pamela is an Edinburgh-based artist who specialises in semi-abstract flowers and collage landscapes. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Gustav Klimt and her love of flower gardens and countryside, she creates complex and exuberant works by using vibrant colours and golden accents. Her works are full of movement and her use of pattern and collage invite close inspection to fully appreciate the detail and textures involved.  

Sponsored by Merchiston Castle School, Super Giraffe wears a golden cape and boots and when duty calls he shines as he streaks across the skies. Not only can he fly, but he is fearless and incredibly strong. His secret weapon is that he can shoot laser beams from his ossicones! 

Merchiston is a remarkable school in Edinburgh, where boys make lifelong friends whilst gaining a global education. Its community’s wellbeing underpins everything the school does. It is what makes for meaningful and connected conversations, enabling pupils to thrive because they are understood, valued, and supported in everything they do. 

Download your Super Giraffe colouring sheet via the Giraffe About Town app and share your colourful creation to receive a special pin badge.  


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