Tammie Norie: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: Tammie Norie 

Artist Name: Tori From Harbour Lane 

Location: South Queensferry 

Sponsor Name: The Little Parlour  

A giraffe masquerading as a puffin? Meet Tammie Norie. What’s not to love! Tori from Harbour Lane took inspiration from the poem by local Edinburgh poet, J K Annand, whose words perfectly describe these ridiculous little birds, whilst mentioning local landmarks such as the zoo and Bass Rock, it was a perfect fit.  

Tori is usually found designing and making her illustrated lampshades and homeware to sell in her shop, Harbour Lane, in South Queensferry. Her work is always inspired by the Scottish landscape and the local flora and fauna. Using traditional techniques such as watercolour and digital drawing, her illustrations are full of texture and capture the atmosphere and emotion of the scene.


Sponsored by South Queensferry based The Little Parlour, Tori’s design shows just how well puffins and giraffes can work together. 

Based on the high street in South Queensferry, The Little Parlour offers Edinburgh’s widest selection of luxury artisan gelato, with over 60 mouth-watering flavours – which include many vegan options. The Little Parlour can now come to a wedding, party or workplace with its recently restored, and incredibly cute, 1950’s vintage ice cream trailer! 

Giraffe About Town