The Earth is What We All Have in Common: Giraffe of the Day

Sculpture Name: The Earth is What We All Have in Common 

Artist Name: Laura Henderson 

Location: Shandwick Place 

Sponsor Name: Handelsbanken 

The Earth is What We All Have in Common is a quote from the writer and environmental activist Wendell Berry. Designed by Laura Henderson, she took inspiration from this quote to create the design featuring a range of animals, flora and foliage to show how beautiful and diverse the world is.  

Laura is an illustrator who runs Paper Heart Stationery. Her work is inspired by colour and pattern, and her designs are created to spark joy with bright, bold and beautiful drawings. 

Sponsored by Handelsbanken, the message that we should be protecting the Earth is clear, and the fun, brilliant design brings the message of how beautiful the world is to life. The sculpture’s surface is covered with as many different animals as possible, with flowers and botanical elements adding pops of colour. 

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Giraffe About Town